Help -- stuttering and playback problems

I’m helping a friend – I don’t know anything about this, so I’m just posting my friend’s info. Any help will be GREATLY appreciated.

He records videos using a Sony dcr-trv260 (D8) video camera. He transfers video directly from the camera through a FireWire to a Samsung DVD-R120 DVD Player/Burner. Once the master is created, he finalizes the disk (without embedded copy protection). It plays back fine (99%) of the time on the Samsung. It plays back fine about 60% of the time on a Panasonic DVD-RV32

To create copies, he puts the DVD in the top (master) drawer in an Aleratec CopyCruiserPro and a blank Verbatim DVD-R 16X disk in the bottom (slave) drawer. He has the CCP set to it’s slowest record speed (1x). Most times the CCP unit copies a full hour of video in about 5-8 minutes, and indicates that the duplication was successful. The copy will play fine 95+% of the time on the Samsung. It will play fine about 30% of the time on the Panasonic.

He has been using the same brand (Verbatim) and kind (-R) and speed-rated
(16x) DVDs for over a year and a half, and up until last month, only had
customer playability issues with about 1% of the copies he sent out (out of 600+ discs). Now, though, almost every copy he’s made has digital stuttering and playability problems. Most still play fine after the duplication process on the Samsung, but all are giving problems on the Panasonic, and he’s had MANY customer complaints.

Also, two of the new masters, recorded two days ago, are now giving
“BAD DISK ERRORS” when used as the Master Disk in the CCP, and the
duplication process does not complete. That has NOT happened before, and
nothing in the process has changed.

Help? Where to even begin?

Thanks. :smiley:

You could have a bad batch of media, or your burner could be dying. You need to burn one of the dvd’s on a seperate burner, and run cdspeed disk quality scan. If that looks good, then burn another dvd from the same batch of media, on the drives that you normally use, and run a quality scan on it.

Thank you! I’ll pass it along and give it a try. At this point there isn’t access to a separate burner, so we’ll keep fingers crossed. :slight_smile:

Thanks again!