Help Streaming mpg to Xbox 360 PLEASE

I am simply using Clone DVD Mobile with the VOB passthrough feature. I save the vob file to my hard drive. I then change the extension to mpg and Windows Media Player 11 recognizes it and I can play it on my Vista PC. I have set up my Xbox 360 as an extender and from the the Xbox 360 I can play all music and see all pics. I can even play the 3 wmv samples that came with the PC. I can also see the names of the mpg movies. When I try to play them, I get an error message telling me to restart Windows Media Center or to restart my PC. I have even called Xbox support and the lady there couldn’t help me after hours of trying. She said it must be my router. Besides I have everything on a gigabit switch. The streaming is wired. Can anybody help me play my mpg movies on my Xbox 360 with Window Media Center on a Vista PC please?

Thank You!!!

Dave :sad:

I’m having the same problems, did you ever figure out how to fix it?