Help, strange behaviour of new firm

i´ve got a big problem with the new firms for my SOHW 1653S. I use printable DVD-R type DKMZ01. In the past i´ve no problems burning this disc type with x8 speed with CSOC firmware. Now i changed to CSOK and today to CSOM but now it´s impossible to burn this disc type with NERO. I get the error unknown disc type and only x4 speed. If you check the firms with omni patcher you´ll find in CSOC no entry for DKMZ01 only DKM_01 is found. The new firms shows the entry for DKMZ01 and DKM_01 but i can´t burn this disc. So what can i do. Is it possible to delete this entry in the new firm to get back the old function? I really like to use the new firm modified by C0deking with LED fix. Please help.

Thanks for advice.


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It’s worth a try. It must be using the default strategy in CS0C, but I’m surprised you could burn at 8x speed.

You can use ala42’s MCSE tool [thread=114269]here[/thread] to change the name of the DKMZ01 to say DKMZX1. Let us know how you get on…

Thanks for your tip.

I´ll give it a trial after work. I´ll post the results.
Thanks C0deking for your excellent work on the firmware.


Hello C0deking,

thanks for your advice. I renamed the DKMZ01 in your modified firm CSOM (LEDfix) and i was able to burn my printable DVD-R with x8 speed without any problems. :bow:

(PI max 39, average 17, PIF max 3, average 0,11)

Thanks for your help.

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