Help stop me from throwing my pc out the window!

Hi everyone
Just incase any of you have read my other stuff, i’m still an idiot on the PC!
Just a quick re-cap 1st then.
Woke up one morning decided i wanted to learn how to back up my dvd’s.
got the software, installed it, spent hours trying to work out why it wouldn’t work. Realised then that i only had a dvd reader not a burner. (Laugh if you want i did!)

A quick trip to the shop and best part of £100 lighter i now own a dvd burner and some dvd discs.
Fitted the hard drive, installed the software, thought god i’m finally getting the hang of this computing lark. That brings you up to date.

Which leads me to my current problems, so help or advice would be nice cos i’m getting snotty with the pc now and if i can’t do it b4 too long i think i’m gonna do an “Elvis” & shoot the fu**ing thing.

I’ve got dvd decrypter, dvd shrink and movie clone which i had off a mates dad. i’ve also got a interVideo dvd package which came with the hard drive.

So here we go.
1st I use dvdDecrypter and save the ripped dvd on hard drive.(No problems there)
2nd I shrink the film from the hard drive using shrink and save it back to hard drive (No problems there either)
3rd I try to burn it to disc using the interVideo package, here lies the problem. When i do that it says that the file is too big for the disc even though it shows on the “space available” bar that it is below the 4.7GB and the file has been through shrink too!
Any ideas?
Just to let you know that movie clone is a non starter it dont want to know either!! And i only have a basic nero package which came with the pc so can’t burn it through nero.
Any ideas guys and gals?
By the way i have read all the guides for the software.

Please help! and save a PC’s life!!

although single-layer recordable dvds are usually advertised as having 4.7gb of space, they actually only have 4.377gb of space. read here to find out why.

did you rip as an image file? 4+ gig is too large of a single file for windows to handle if your hard drive (not your burner) is set up as fat32. If you are using windows98 or ME, you have fat32 most likely. If you are using Win2000 or XP, it’s probably, but not garunteed to be, ntfs. If it’s ntfs, this is not the problem.

Also, you may try burning your back-up with dvddecrypter, as it supports dvd burning on it’s own, as opposed to your stock app.

You could also try updating your ver of nero, as it works really well with dvdshrink, but probably doesn’t soppurt your drive without the update…:slight_smile:

Hope this helps…:slight_smile:

  1. Rip the DVD with DVD Decrypter onto your hard drive.

  2. Use DVD Shrink to compress it to fit onto a DVD±R. When saving save as an ISO Image in the target device tab.

  3. Use DVD Decrypter to write the ISO image you saved back to DVD±R.

Cheers guys!
No doubt i’ll find a new and improved way to cock it up again
I have got windows XP and a big hard drive (not that size matters! so the girlfriend says lol!)


Try using DVDdecrypter - then using your interVideo DVD Copy program-(Leaving out the DVD Shrink)-

Should work fine - as interVideo DVD Copy does the compression onto a single disc-


You should not having problem with this method.
It’s easy and it works well.
That’s what I do (although I sometimes burn with Nero at step 3)

Now, If it does not work, you can still trow the computer out the window.
They deserve it.:stuck_out_tongue:

Or… you may try AnyDVD and CloneDVD2.

Much easier, to my mind. As AnyDVD (being a driver) works in the background, you just use one software: CloneDVD2. It does everything.

Just a suggestion.