Help - Sony/SonicStage music transfer problem



Product - Sony Walkman NW-A3000 (circa 2 years old - jellybean pebble style) HDD - downloading with SonicStage v 4.3

When I connected unit to computer to download additional tracks, it ‘connected’ for ages and then declared no songs on unit however when viewing the unit via ‘My Computer’ (ie similar to a USB memory stick) all 3.5k tracks were stored in a Openmg Audio format.

I therefore imported them from unit back into SonicStage where I can play them on my computer absolutely fine in this format.

However despite reformatting unit, downloading new firmware onto unit, downloading updated Sonicstage 4.3 - I cannot get the Openmg Audio format tracks back onto the unit.

When attempting to download onto unit an error message comes up stating reasons for not being able to carry out task - either that Sonicstage doesnt support that format (and yet it is playing them & they are stored in that format), its copyright protected (looking further into track info it says they are not) or the track cannot be found (well its right there!!!).

Please can someone help me - I really don’t fancy re-ripping my whole CD collection again - especially when the tracks are on my computer! At the end of the day the tracks came off the unit - why can’t they go back on?!

Thanks! I’ve spent 2 whole days trying to sort this and finally given up!