HELP! Sony RW drive that OS won't recognise

I have recently aquired a Sony CRX215E1 48x/24x/48x CD-RW drive…installed it as slave on my IDE cable…my pc will not even recognise that it is a RW drive and not a CD ROM. THe drive was bundled with no software, which originally wasn’t a concern as I planned on using Nero for my burn program having had experience with it on other ppl’s systems and liked it…and the drive was supposed to be a plug-n-play kinda deal.

Ok…I have a dinosaur of a system - Pentium II @ 300 mHz with 128 meg of PC 100 RAM running Win98se…yes, I know…strategically outdated, but it was absolutely free and I have broadband access…so my internet needs are met satisfactorily and I do no high-end RAM-eating graphics so I’m ok on that score.

Has anyone else run across this problem at all? I find very little info on this particular model number to start with…heaps on a CRX215A1 but little to no help on a CRX215E1. I found a few sites discussing flashing the drive…updating firmware…and things of that ilk, but I am realistically pc illiterate and know nothing about either of these procedures but am intelligent enough to know that I need not attempt it because of this lack of knowledge.

Help?!? Some1 ?!? Please ?!?

Welcome to CD Freaks, Prowler573!

As long as Win98SE is recognizing the drive as a CD-ROM, you’re fine. 98SE doesn’t know the difference between CD-ROM and CD-RW, and it calls them both “CD-ROM”.

Make sure you enable DMA for your burner; it absolutely needs to be enabled for you to be able to burn at a reasonable speed, especially because your system is “strategically outdated”! :slight_smile:

BTW, I still have a 486 running at 66 MHz!

Thank you very much for the kind welcome!

Ok…I do feel a bit better knowing that Win98 thinks all cd drives are ROM’S according to the information posted…but I have friends that have systems of this same ability/age/etc etc and when they boot their systems their burner drives will come up as burners?!? As in…boot, tells you what bios you’re running, system cache passed, X amount of RAM, keyboard recognized, mouse initialized, ATAPI CD ROM - then whatever the ROM drive is, and then on theirs, they’ll get a prompt telling them whatever kind of burner they have. I get a second ATAPI CD ROM prompt that THEN tells me I have a SONY CD RW CRX215E1. SO…is THAT the OS somewhat knowing what kind of drive it is?
Secondly…where do I go to assure that DMA is enabled?
Thirdly…NO burning software that I have attempted to install recognizes that there is a burner at all in my pc. Every single one I have tried (and I have tried many thus far) will tell me that ‘There Is No Compatible Recordable Drive Installed On This System.’

What I have found out from Sony’s tech help line (which is an oxymoron in titleing, to be sure) is that this particular model is an OEM drive…for installs in computers being built…not as an aftermarket add-on later. Is this perhaps my conflict and if so, is there any way to resolve it that anyone is aware of?!?

Lastly…I KNOW the burner itself works as it was installed briefly in a friend’s pc that has MUCH more system than I do, but is also running XP Pro…it was recognized as a burner immediately and we burnt a cd using the durn thing! Am I going to be able to use this particular burner on my crappy outdated system or am I going to have to find someone to buy it off of me and get another?

Still stumped…

No problem that your BIOS doesn’t see the burner as a burner. This is just a function of the brand and age of the BIOS. The ATAPI CD ROM messages you are getting are telling you that your BIOS is properly seeing the drive.

For example, I have an old Celeron 366 machine, and my BIOS sees the machine’s two burners as “CD-ROM” drives. The burners work fine.

At CDRLabs, they have an FAQ with pictures about how to enable DMA.

What burning software (and what versions) have you tried? Nero supports your drive. You can download a free demo from their site and give it a try.

The fact that the burner is an OEM model has nothing to do with the fact that existing software won’t “see” it. In fact, if I remember right, Sony was selling that exact drive in some of their retail packages!

You should be able to use the burner on your system. You may not be able to burn at 48x, but you should be able to do at least 24x. When I say you won’t be able to do 48x, I mean that the computer won’t keep up with the burner when you burn at 48x, so your burn won’t be as fast as it would have been using a faster computer.

I had tried the Sony CD Express v3 that I got off of…I had tried Nero v5 somethng or other (am not entirely sure the rest of the version number) that had come with a Mitsumi burner a friend put in his system…I am currently d/l’ing the demo version of Nero of the link in your post and am going to try it! I’ll let youi know how things went…thanks again

When Nero comes with a burner, it will only work with drives made by the company that made that burner. This is why the version of Nero you tried didn’t work. I hope the demo works for you! BTW, Nero charges less to register the demo than they do to buy the full version in the store. When (if) you register, you can also download InCD for free.

Try some of the programs from this thread

I went and downloaded the demo of Nero v5.5.0.(etc etc etc) and it works juuuuust fine! Thanks to one and all for your help. I knw have a usable burner and am in the process of ripping every cd I own to mp3 then burning them to disc to save storage space. It’ll be much nicer having a dozen or so cd’s in my car as opposed to 100. I did register it online (the Nero) as it IS considerably cheaper than buying it retail - thanks for that idea as well. Happy burning, all…kudos to each and every one of you that helped me out!

Congratulations! I am very glad to hear that it is working right. I know how you feel about the MP3 CDs; I just got a CD/MP3 player last Christmas, and I love being able to have 10+ hours of audio on one disc! BTW, I am using 160Kbps MP3s.

I am ripping mine @ 128kbs - I experimented with the various bitrates before I started burning anything - I found that the sound quality (to my ear) didn’t start diminishing until slower than that and 160kb/s and faster made files that were too big for my liking. I would dearly love to get into a car audio discussion here as that is my passion, but this isn’t a forum for that so I’ll leave off :wink:

Again, thanks to those that helped…one and all you most assuredly DID help. I reckon that’s what this board was created for and it did it’s job in my case!

You could certainly start a discussion about car audio in the CD Freaks Living Room!

I am glad to hear that we were able to help! Post back if you have any more questions!