Help! Sony DWU18A and Windows XP problem

I figure this is the right place, seeing as it’s really a LiteOn drive - if not, sorry mods!

Running WinXp sp1, installed a Sony DWU18A (not flashed to LiteOn).

Tried this drive as a master and a slave, but to the same effect.

Boots up ok, all hardware found. After a short time, windows locks up.
Reboot, windows is slow to load, either freezes at logon page, or just after.
Reboot again, PC freezes at the detect IDE bios page.

No ideas what is going on, any help appreciated, thanks!

Would flashing with LiteOn bios help?

flash to the new sony vy06 firmware on codekings page…this is also a sony drive rebadged but its a rebadged 832 so you will still have sony firmware but will be able to burn dual layer as well…this firmware seems to hold a lot of good - media codes from my own experience.
run the firmware through omnipatcher and select the cross flashing and auto bitsetting…leave the rest as is…
as for the other problem make sure if possible that the drive is on its own ide cable and its own power plug.
also you might think about trying a different ide cable

on a sidenote my drive was a Sony DWU18A


the ide cable is shared with my dvd reader, and should be ok, as it used to have a dvd reader and a burner on it, until this week, with no problems … might switch the reader to share with my hdd …

thats how i have my setup…hdd as master with reader as slave and Sony DWU18A on its own ide as master
its allways a good idea to have them on seperate ide’s anyway for on the fly copies.

i’ll check out the new firmware though, thanks … there’s something not right about the drive at the moment, as it hangs the pc when its enabled, and things seem fine when it’s unconnected …

give it a try if all else fails reflash with stock firmware and return for a replacement

is the stock firmware available from the codekings page? (is that in the stickies?)

heres the link
before ya flash check your current firmware details
get the sony VY06 firmware and omnipatcher and flash
if the drive still fails to respond then download your old firmware and flash back the return to store


so i patch it with Sony DRU-700A (VY06) bios using Omnipatcher, and if it doesn’t work i patch back to the Sony DW-U18A (UYS1) bios and send it back?

yes flash to VY06 if it still doesnt work then flash back to UYS1

Welcome maxnutter

Flashing the drive to an other “model” wont help you.
(Surprised anybody can suggest that as first option…) :confused:

What mobo and BIOS are you on? Have you terminated the drive(-s) in correct way?

Pls post back. RMA is not right now the final option.


Edit. Use Nero InfoTool to get the relevant information.

hiya, thanks for replying …

i’m not at the PC in question right now, so i’m not exactly sure of the model or bios … i think it’s a MSI K7N2 Delta, NForce2, but i will confirm later …

what do you mean by terminated the drives??

what do you mean by terminated the drives??

Read at pages 10-12 in this manual and you will know what I´m talking about.


There has been some reports about issues with mobos based on nForce2 (and also nForce3) chipset.
Use SEARCH at this forum. Google and M$ support can also help you out.

Check your current IDE drivers with infotool and/or in device manager.


Note. The attachment is a 2in1 picture, made in M$ Paint.

just got home and the PC has crashed with no DVD drives installed, so it may be nothing to do with the writer … must check what i installed recently … may be the aspi driver … ?

and yes, it was terminated correctly! :slight_smile:

pinto2 is right: flashing to another firmware will not help in your case, if the drive is not even being recognized by the BIOS (you said it hanged on the BIOS IDE detection at bootup, as in before Windows even started?)

Just wanted to add a few things… first, how did this happen? Is there anything that you did that might have remotely caused this? Or did it just happen completely out of the blue? Check your cables to make sure that they aren’t loose or anything. Does the drive work in a different computer?

it recognises the drive, at least at first, but now the pc is hanging regularly - with no drives connected, 'cept the hdd … now seems to be stuffed with the aspi removed … might be a xp reinstall on the cards …

Clarify please.

i. Are your drives recognised in bios?

ii. Are you on M$ IDE/ATAPI drivers?

iii. Is you system aspi version 4.60?

You can check p.2 and 3 with infotool. :wink:

And yes, if you wanna add some info, you can edit your last post 30min. after posting… :cool:
This to spare bandwidth.

i) at cold reboot, yes, then after a hang, and subsequent reboots it starts to hang at bios detection

ii) yes, m$ IDE/ATAPI

iii) currently no aspi installed, as i thought that was causing the problem

it appears that torrentopia was freezing the machine, so i’m going to try putting the drives back in - where do i get aspi from? in sp2?

sorry about wasted bandwidth!!

i’ll let you know how it goes - is it worth upgrading to the VY06 firmware?