Help ! Sony DW23a



Hi , I have a major problem ! and help would be appreciated.

I have flashed my Sony DW23a drive with Liteon 1635s firmware, in the hope that it would recognise cds. The main problem was it burnt DVD fine, but did not do the CDs so I read a thread on here and it suggested the 1635 firware. However , I rebooted my pc after the upgrade and the drive light just keeps flashing, I am now worried I have messed up new drive (2 weeks old) I would like to wither get the original firmware back or maybe somone knows of one that will work and let me burn cds aswell?

Please help before i cry !


ok Can anyone help? I have downloaded mtkflash I made a boot disk and then found a bin file for a Sony d22a drive, thinking that this would at least fix the problem and allow me to use the drive. However mtkflash goes to update but sits at 00% and does nopthing, i left it for an hour and still nothing. (thats how desperate i am!) So back to square one, the drive llight is just flashing on and off, in wondows it was drive D but now its not there, and the light still flashes. It will allow me to open the door on it etc , but thats about it. Any ideas? please?