Help: Sony DW-Q120A problems

I just bought this sony dw-q120a and it has been working fine since i put my computer together but when i attempted to burn a dvd it kept telling me there was no disc in the drive. Also the drive picks up speed spinning the cd then it very lightly clicks and slows down… speeds up, clicks lightly then slows down and repeats the process for a few minutes. Green activity light stays on the whole time then turns off eventually. I searched these forums for a firmware update and applied it but I am getting the same problem. I have tried 6 differetn blank dvds which included -r’s and +r’s from 3 different brand names… no luck. reads regular cd’s fine, just not dvd’s. Is there a fix for this or should I contact sony and request an RMA?


as this seems to be a brand new drive, it is probably DOA (dead on arrival). Contact your vendor for warranty replacement, as there is no such thing like support from Sony;)


Ok well I ordered my parts at compeltely different times. I bought this drive about 40 days ago because I saw it for $30 shipped then and I just put my comp fully together a few days ago (water pump died on me so i had to wait and order a new one). Im gonna call sony tomorrow and try my best. The vendor only had a 30 day return policy. I guess ill try them too anyway.