Help! SONY DW-D26A Device not Found



I have just bought this internal Sony DVD RW drive and I am getting the message device not found after installing it.

It came with no CD, no cable and I can’t seem to locate any support for this drive on the Sony website. I have tried looking for drivers but to no avail…

I am running window XP and have never had this problem before when fitting new drives…I would be very grateful for some help.

Thanks :bow:


you are sure that jumper placement at rear of drive is correct for master/slave setup ?
is drive recognised in BIOS ?
also that sony is OEM Lite-On 1673s. checkout the lite-on sub forum in dvd recorder section


Hi thanks for your reply.

Yes jumper is on correct setting and no the BIOS does not recognise the drive either it is very frustrating.

I will have a look at that forum to see if i can find any further clues!


next thing i sugest is it could be the ide cable. you may have a 40 pin cable, whereas i am sure that sony drive will require an 80 pin ide cable. they LOOK similar, but there is a big difference in UDMA etc transfer rate and device compatibility


OK…i will try and get one of those cables and see if it works.

Thanks again for your help and advice