Help! Sony Dvd Rw Dw-q58a

Okay, here is the deal. I bought a SONY DVD RW DW-Q58A that was originally in a USB external case. It DID NOT work in the USB case it would only read a CD/DVD. So I removed it from the case, and installed it into my Gateway laptop. The drive NOW reads CD/DVDs and write CDs at 24x, but will not burn DVDs + or -. I am using Nero 6 with the latest upgrade and have updated the firmware on the drive to whatever the hell (UYS3 or something like that). Nero will only allow the option of 1x burn, eventhough when you select it to burn it fails as soon as the buffer is full. Please, someone help! Don’t tell me I wasted money on this thing.

You simply cannot expect an slimline drive to work just after installing it into a laptop…

It HAS to have the correct firmware to work properly.

Why did you buy it that way? If it was broke in the 1st place?