Help. Sony DVD RW DW-Q28A

k. I tried to update the firmware from KYS1 to KYS6. When I click the .exe, a error window poped-up saying, “No match drive detects”. So I get the older update KYS2, LYS2, KYS3… Once I updated to KYS2. It stopped working.

Now, it didn’t really stop working. It just doesn’t read any files or show anyfiles in explorer. I do a hardware check and everything. It seems to be working fine. I try to re-firmware the driver to KYS4 to KYS1 to everything. Nothing helps. When I go to control panel and check the Volumes. Nothing’s there neither. Im not sure if that matters, but overall. MY DRIVE DOSN’T WORK!!! I put my XP CD in on restart and it dosn’t even pick that up, even though in my bios it reads the right CD model. What can I do to fix this. Am I updateing the firmware wrong. I imagen I don’t cause all I do is click the .exe and click update until it tells me to restart.

The location also says zero. Location: Location 0 (0)

PLEASE HELP!!! thanks much…