HELP, Sony DVD DW23A won't write DVD's!

:sad: Bought a SONY DVD DW23A a couple of months ago but it didn’t come with any Firmware. It reads and writes CD’s but only reads DVD’s. Can’t find anything on Sony’s website. DVD software doesn’t even recognise the drive as a writable drive.

Seen a few other threads on same DVD drive and wondering if flashing firmware would work but don’t want to guess what I’m doing.

no firmware?

download nero infotool and post a report:

I have tried this and NERO says that copying DVD’s is available, however it will not let me copy a DVD using the Wizard. I have also tried using Prassi Primo DVD and this doesn’t recognise the drive as a Writer.

Any other suggestions?

in nero infotool click on the disk next to the drive list, then save it to a file and post it here.

Ran Infotool but couldn’t save as Windows kept throwing up a fatal error.

Info is as follows:

Disc Info:

Layers - 1
Blank Capacity - 4.38GB
Manufacturer ID - SONY08D1

Drive Info

Type - DVD± R/RW DL Recorder
Firmware Version - CYS1

either there’s a problem with your system or with the drive…

you sould provide more infos, like system specs, how many drives on ide channels, dma status etc…

Before trying to copy a dvd, did you try saving any data with your drive??? Try it, if still doesn’t work try with an other media. SONY08D1 can be real crap!!!

I you don’t have windows XP you might not be able to save info tool as it is saving as .PNG. Even some early version of windows XP could’t deal with .PNG. Try saving it as .JPG. Also try with a shorter name.

My System AMD Athlon 64 3400+ on a K8V SE Deluxe Motherboard with 1GB Crucial PC3200 RAM and 6600GT Graphics Card. The Hard Disk is a 40GB Maxtor with Windows XP Pro. There are no other IDE drives other than the DVD.

I have managed to copy DVD files to the hard disk and compressed them to the 4.38GB size using DVD Shrink but am then unable to copy on to the disks.

I didn’t even get as far as selecting the file type when in Info Tool as Windows shut down the application as soon as I pressed the save button.

Hey you have nothing to loose by updating you FW to the latest!!! But I have the feeling this is a system related issue!!!
Have you got anyway to try your drive in somebody else’s computer?