Help Sony Dvd burner not recognized

I have installed a sony AW-G170A on my computer (i have put the cables just the way they where installed in previous dvd rw) and windows Can not recognise it. when i go start my computer the drive does not show up along with my dvd-rom But the drive enjects and so does my dvd rom

I tried installing again and same problem.

does it show up in device manager? if they do then remove upper/lower filters , if they dont then obviously you connected it the wrong way or the bios aint configured right , this burner is stand-alone on the ide cable or hooked up with another device? , also be aware that it does matter what ide cable connector goes where , lets say this is an ide cable
connector 1 (blue) - goes to the motherboard ide slot
connector 2 (grey) - goes to the slave drive
connector 3 (black) - goes to the master drive
thats the standard color coding in 80 wires ide cable,in 40 wires ide cables all
the connectors are black but the principle remains same , middle connector to slave and after that… to master , is it being identified in the bios?

I think The bios aint configured right beacuse the drives do not show up in device manager.


My dvd rom is set to master And dvd rw is set to slavE

My bios is set to auto.

Check that jumpers are correctly set as master or slave. One drive should be set as master and the other as slave if connected to same IDE channel.

They Are both Connected to same ide channel and dvd-rom is set to master and dvd-rw set to slave

And they run at exact which DMA modes?

Thanks For Your Help I finally got it detected by windows.