Help sony crx 175

i have a sony crx 175a 1.1h. can i upgrade it? how do i do it?
please help me. how can i know what wersion it is. to upgrade it correctly and which programs have it to use.

Would you mind trying this since screamer hasn’t yet? Your firmware version seems too much different from the Lite-ON firmware numbers.

All you need to know is what IDE channel your drive is on. In other words, Is the drive Primary Master, Primary Slave, Secondary Master, or Secondary Slave? Download this, and copy the entire contents onto a floppy disk. Restart your computer with the disk in the floppy drive, and choose minimal boot when asked. when you are at the A: prompt, type “backup”, then type the number corresponding to the location of your drive when you are asked to. Wait to restart until you are returned to the command prompt and you see “OK!” to restart your computer. A file called backup.bat will be created on the floppy disk, zip that and send it to me. If you can’t get this to work then your drive is not a Lite-ON.

This drive is made by sony and have an oak chipset…

I had a drive like that except it was the 175A 1.1f.

Forget about firmware updates, they don’t exist, unless Sony actually does that type of stuff.