Help! Sony Bmg Cd Copy Protection Problems!

Dear users. I recently installed any dvd after the advise given above. I put in a sony BGM digitally copy protected cd and the following message apeared: "FOUND AND REMOVED ADDITIONAL SESSION(S) FROM DISC. However, when I copied the disc to a blank only some of the tracks had recorded. So I did another copy and the same result.I went to Nero DISC INFO on the original cd and the track before last had a sign saying “SESSION IS OPEN.” As I thought any dvd had removed the additional sessions, I copied the disc on Nero as "cd copy and “no multissesion”. What is going on? What am I doing wrong? This was the first digitally copy protected disc I tried to copy.Is this the standard of what to expect when doing other discs with the same protection? Please, can anybody help me solve this problem?