Help someone,G7V9 issues on 1620


I just updated the firmware on my dvd-rw station from G7H9 to G7V9
but of course,somehow,it won’t burn anymore and gives this error:

I/O Error!

Device: [0:1:0] ATAPI DVD DD 2X16X4X16 G7V9 (F:) (ATA)

ScsiStatus: 0x02
Interpretation: Check condition

CDB: 2A 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 20 00
Interpretation: Write (10) - Sectors: 0-31

Sense Area: 70 00 03 00 00 00 00 12 00 00 00 00 0C 00 00 00 00 00 00 01 02
03 04 05
Interpretation: Write Error

Does anyone know what’s wrong??? I just updated with the link Benq sent me to update…

writing audio cd’s or cds in general works…
writing Dvd’s gives the above error

I’ve used 3 TDK DVD-R and none of them worked,always worked before the update.
I’m burning a iso,tried DVD Decrypter and Nero,both gave the error
then i tried burning a regular audio cd using Nero and that worked like a charm…
I really don’t know what’s wrong here…

I think i have the bluk version,cuz benq is not on the front.

also,could it be that by upgrading to new firmware,my tdk’s TTG02 aren’t supported anymore? They worked on my previous firmware,but know when i check the benq site it’s not in the compatible media list anymore…

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You can start with reading forums BenQ/Philips FAQ, especially this section.

i checked the faqs before posting,no need to be smart,i’ve looked all over the net and forums everywhere for what might help me,constructive answers would be appreciated…

I think pinto2 may be suggesting you crossflash to the retail firmware (“B” series) using the info in the links.
Another thing you could try is re-flashing the fw you have,
being sure there’s no disc in the drive and rebooting before trying to burn.

Relax, no need to hit the ones who try to help you.
TTG02 is still supported at 8x in the G7V9 media table. You could flash back to your previous firmware, which is allowed by the benq flashers, to check if the problem depends on the firmware version.
Did you update because you had problems before or to get the latest version and hopefully better media compatibility ?

Just to add my 2 cents. I had a similar problem. I flashed my 1620 to B7W9 and it wouldn’t burn + or -Rs namely TY, Verbatim, TDK or Maxells. Since I’ve flashed back to B7T9 is burns them once again but really poorly. I reflashed to T9 in safe mode even tried the L9 trick but the burn quality on my 1620 is now crap compared to how it used to be. I think it’ll soon be going in the bin and will have to buy another burner.

Just a thought but would crossflashing my 1620 to the equivalent Philips’ drive FW return it to its former burning quality? And if so which drive would that be and what steps would I need to take?

after asking benq what to do and updating my bios and chipset drivers,my pc won’t boot anymore and i had it returned to the store today to get it fixed,tha’s just great…

got pc back,but my dvd-rw still won’t write the TDK spindle i have,when with the previous firmware,it would,now it writes maxell and fuji’s,no prob,but Tdk’s not… Wau to go benq!!! New firmware that makes compatibility do down!!! That’s a first