Help!Some Problems with my 112XL

When i upgraded my Pioneer dvd burner 112xl with the software DVR-112BXL_FW121EU2.exe
Suddenly a sentence"Available target is not found "poped up.
Then it failed to work as erasing the dvd-rw and failed to burn cd and dvd,i bought this burner in March this year.
Anyone can help me?

You have not flashed the drive, so the error comes from soemthing else.

Thank you!
I have followed your advice and reflashed the drive for some times,at first there was still a windows popping up with the message "Available target is not found ".However, at the fourth time it suddenly worked.Now everything is on its right track.
I was wondering the cause to the problem?

Some quirk in the OS and drivers.

That is why flashing in SAFE MODE is recommended!

Hello Chef:
The problem appears again today. At first the transfer mode of Device 0 on second IDE,which is related to PIONEER 112XL Burner reduced from Ultra DMA 4 to Multi-word DMA2, then the H disk cannot be recognized by the system again.As i wanna update the drive DVR-112BXL_FW121EU2 the message:’'Available target is not found "popped up again and i have tried to flash it in safe mode. But it still cannot work.

have you got a 112 drive? also have you got an RPC1 firmware on the drive now?

I have reflashed it into the 1.21(19.04.2007)version,sometimes it worked,but sometimes it would rollback and cannot be recognized by the computer,when the problem happened the IDE transfer mode would also be turned into Multi-word DMA mode other than the Ultra DMA5

@ jeanbaptiste,

For your Pioneer DVR-112XL to function correctly requires the use of an Ultra DMA (80-Conductor) IDE/ATA Cable ( and be operating in the Ultra DMA Mode 4 (

You should also check that you are using Microsoft Drivers instead of some other type of chipset drivers.


hello bjkg:
I am a little bit confused by your words"You should also check that you are using Microsoft Drivers instead of some other type of chipset drivers"
Does it mean that I should use the drivers provided by PIONEER rather than the MS drivers
I am looking forward to your reply.

jeanbaptiste> If you use a Motherboard with chipsets from Nvidia, AMD/ATI, VIA etc or some 3rd party onboard IDE controller like JMicron etc you should check that you dont use the IDE drivers provided by these companies and instead use the default Windows drivers.