Help! some advice needed about scanning with Liteon

Hi all,

I have been having some problems burning some CMCMag E01 8x DVD+R DVD’s as well as some other dvd’s on my Pioneer 109 (before you say, this should be in the pioneer section, its more to do with my liteOn)

I scan the burnt dvd with my old LiteOn 451s which has been flashed to a 832s (& recently to 811 quality patched firmware), my kprobe results & Nero CD Speed results are really crappy, I also had an NEC 3540 drive for a day or two & done some burns, again I wasnt at all happy with the results.

Could it be that it isnt my Pioneer 109, or the NEC which I sent back, but indeed the LiteOn 451s that I am using to scan these dvd’s?

Any advice would be appreciated, as when I look on this forum I see people with the exactly the same burner & media as me, but are getting MUCH better results, the only difference is that they are using a LiteOn SOHW - 1693S as their drive to scan with.

Here are some results so you can see:

This is a “Datasafe 8x DVD-R”

This is a “Datasafe 8x DVD+R”

Now a “Ridisc Ritek Xtreme 8x DVD-R”

Even a yuden doesnt exactly knock your socks off…

I am wondering whether to purchase the LiteOn 1693 drive, so I can have another drive to burn with, so if I get media which my Pioneer doesnt like, then maybe the liteOn might, also I can continue with KProbe by buying the Liteon.

I also have some results that I saved when I had the NEC 3540, but they are even worse than the above results, so far the best result I have had was with a pack of “Datasafe 8x DVD-R (CMCMag AE1)” I was getting PI figures of around 8-20, but Datasafe vary the dye each time you buy a new pack, so you cant be sure if you are getting CMCMag, TTG02, TTH02 etc…


It does appear as though your drive reports very high PIE errors. I wonder what a disc burned in the Liteon scans like?

The 1693S is a very good drive for scanning, copying and burning up 12x. Results can be average to poor at 16x. If your not that worried about copying games, then the BenQ 1640 is another good choice…