Help solve DVD - RW drive writing problem (Philips DVD8701)



[qanda]This thread is about the Philips DVD8701. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]My DVD - RW drive is installed a Dell Dimensin 3000 desktop computer with Microsoft Windows XP Home edition version 2002 service pack 3. My problem is that the CD writing wizard says there is no disc in the drive but I do have a writable disc in the drive. I do not have any software on installing the Philips DVD8701. I can hear music and can read a disc but unable to copy files and write the files to a writable disc. Pease, can someone help me to solve this problem? Thanks!


may be a problem with the disk itself try using memorex or the cheapiest one you can buy at wallmart


@ hollandrp,

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If you are refereeing to the ‘Microsoft Windows XP CD Writing Wizard’ that is the most atrocious CD Burning software program that exists. Also the ‘Microsoft Windows XP CD Writing Wizard’ only works for CD Media – the ‘Microsoft Windows XP CD Writing Wizard’ will not Burn DVD Media.

Suggest visiting the CD Freaks ‘General Software’ Forum ( and view the Read First posting titled ‘Free Downloads’ ( and under the heading ‘CD/DVD Burning’ obtain one the free CD/DVD Burning software programs.

Also if you desire consistent quality error free Burning results strongly suggest only using known proven quality error free Media such as Taiyo Yuden and/or Verbatim Media. At all cost fully avoid purchasing cheap garbage problematic Media such as Memorex Media from Wal-Mart.