Help : Sohw 1633s

Hi i m a newbie and i have a question for you:
i have buyed a Lite-on sohw 1633s but i have problem with supports…1633s burn my dvd-r only 4 x at minimum…How can i burn to 2x??
Thanks and sorry for my bad english :slight_smile:
P.s. i have used omnipatcher …this is my firmware modificaded…Now i can choose 2x but stomp e nero doeasnt burning my dvd e reaply with : power calibration error :frowning:

P.P.s i have a problem whit my attacments .rar…wait for a link to download it :slight_smile:

The 1633S only support 2x burning of selected media. Enabling 2x burning with OP does not correct the problem because there is no startegy for for this burn speed if the 2x is not enabled. You will have to switch the strategy to a media that does already have 2x enabled.

umm but if i burn at 4x my ps2 and xbox doesn t reade dvd movie…why??

1/ What media are you using?
2/ What does the [post=678310]KProbe v2.4.2[/post] BLER scan look like?

Also see here.

six media :slight_smile:
until 2 days ago a burn my dvd video with my old master pioa105 e they go excellent with my ps2 and xbox… Now with the new my masterd dvd lite on doesnt work…umm is a firmware problem??

  1. ok now i try it thanks :slight_smile:

umm i have tryed it but what can i do 4 my problem?

Welcome Iori

Please tell us what media you are talking about.
i. What firmware are you on?
ii. Version of Nero you use?
iii. What error do you get? (Error code.)


Thanks pinto2 :slight_smile:
the media are Six …the have Mitshubishi id like verbatim :slight_smile:

my firmware is : bsoc
nero is the version
the erorr is that i can’t burn at 2x may dvd :frowning: when i burn my dvd video 4x a i have the problem with ps2 and xbox while with my old master pio a 105 was all fine…

have you understand ??
please answeare me thanks :slight_smile:

up help me :S

What more can we say. You can’t burn this media at 2x with the 1633S. Try some different media or get a different drive. :stuck_out_tongue:

nooooooo :sad:

there aren’t any solutions?? possible??
i have buy may master dvd saturday :sad:

I also have a liteOn SOHW-1633S but with BPSD firmware ( Compaq Presario )

i can’t burn at 2x (cd/DVD) only at 4x,8x,16, 50x, 10000x :doh:

no solutions?? why ?? :a

^ It’s because no one can bear to wait that long for a disc to burn anymore. :stuck_out_tongue: :bigsmile:

Not only can we not wait, the discs can’t wait. If we slow them down, they get grumpy and produce more errors. :bigsmile:

[Seriously…slowing down fast media to super-slow speeds is NOT a good idea. You often get worse results than higher speeds.]