Help! Slysoft products stop clone cd 4.2 from working



What do I do? The newer slysoft anydvd and clonedvd have made my clone cd version not work anymore. I read the version history, and it sais it fixed a conflict with clone cd’s ?dll file, but what it really did was delete that said dll. And my clone cd gives an error. I had to go into my registry and delete all new slysoft products just to get my clone cd back. Clone cd may not backup all my games, but it works on ones that Alcohol can’t do. Is this a drm thing, or is deleting the competition from users computers the only way for slysoft to get ahead. :frowning:


You do realize that CloneCD is a Slysoft product, don’t you?

And the version you are using isn’t remotely close to anything current, so it should come as no surprise that a DLL file was overwritten or deleted and replaced by the current version.

I would suggest updating all the Slysoft products to their current versions.


you’ve got an old copy of clone cd, try updating clone cd to v5.2.8.1 and see if there’s still a problem.


I realize clone cd is slysoft, but ver. 4. is elaborate bytes, and sometimes this older clone cd still backs up newer copy protections. They were taken over by slysoft and people complained that it did what it said it would; copy any protected game, but the newer one I’m not so sure about. Plus I like the older program, and think if it’s not broke don’t fix it.


righhhhttt… the look at the version history

Just download the latest version… according to your post, it is broke, so why not fix it :slight_smile:


It is still the same people. Companies do change their names after all. If it wasn’t broke, they wouldn’t update it. There is a lot of work involved in coding software. Why waste the time and manpower if it is was not needed? After all they could have used that to create new software and charge more for it instead of updating the software of existing customers.

Just do as suggested and update Clone CD and see how it goes.

Not exactly the best analogy, but, I liked Windows Me, I got to a nice stable state and working for me I was loath to go to XP and have to go through all that again. I only did when I started backing up DVDs as I needed support for files larger than 4Gigs. Now I find the functionality of XP better than that of Me.


:confused: but i thought you said it was broke, updating it might solve your problem.

it’s the same program, only slysoft sells and updates it as elby isn’t allowed to sell it no more.

i’d like to know why you won’t up grade it, at least that would eliminate one thing out of the way if you still have your problem.

[B]Edit; just too slow, jayC [/B] :bigsmile:


Oh it is a different company, thanks bj I thought they were just the same people with a new name.


no, maybe your right, 2 different company names but the same people behind them, that could be one reason for going to Antigua with their copy protection laws, to continue the sale of clonecd and sell anydvd :flower:


lol… wouldnt like to be in the anydvd writers shoes :sad:


lol Maybe he doesn’t have any shoes living in Antigua :slight_smile:


i’d like to be in somewhere other than James’ shoes if you know what i mean :wink:


Thanks for the replies, I’ll give it a try.