HELP....Slow Copying speeds!

I have downloaded 3 dvd’s with no problem (sopranos season 1). went pretty quick i must say. Now i have moved onto Season 2 and the download (copying) speed is crawling along. I have not changed any settings so Im not sure how to fix this. Its very frustrating. I use Windows XP. i have unistalled dvd plat version 5 and re-installed it. Now i even tried to use dvd fab plat version 4. Oh i have purchased this for $50 from the web site. Im not getting my money worth. The higher the % goes up the slower the download MB is. it eventually drops down to .1MB once it gets around 50%…This sucks!!!

Is the disc scratched or seems to be dirty on the surface? If you are applying compression, it might take more time if it’s set to higher compression, than if the source disc already fits on a single layer disc. How “strong” computer do you have (CPU)?

Another issue could be that the reader is not in DMA mode. In the settings there is a button you can press to force the reader back into DMA mode.

Fengtao offers a 30 days full trial period so I don’t understand why you haven’t noticed this before you bought it.

im copying to double layer disc. also the disc are not dirty. the trial version worked fine. (only did 3 downloads). I have not touched the compression as from the first 3 disc. i will try the dma that you have mentioned…Also my computer has a kickass setup so i really doubt thats it. Its packs a punch.

Then it sounds as the DMA issue. :slight_smile:

should this button be checked on un-checked? It shows checked. i hit the reset button. This restarted my computer. When i went back to the disc it was downloading at a better speed. Then around 51% it went back to crawling again. Now what? lol!

That button is not in any enabled or disabled mode. Just press it if you suspect that DMA has reverted to PIO mode.

Now I’m just guessing.

Assume that the DVD you are using as input is a double layer disc. The first layer is pretty easy to read for the reader as you get normal reading speed, but the second layer is more difficult to read on just this DVD and as you posted that it happens at around 51%, when it then moves on to the second layer, that could very well be the case that it’s difficult to read.