Help Shrinking



I too am having problems backing up Casino Royale. I have used Any DVD and DVD Shrink for several years with no problem. I read prevous threads on this problem and downloaded VOB Blanker as recommended. However, when I try it with the ripped video VTS for Casino Royale I get an error message stating : Max VTS limit (99) has been reached.

Am I doing something wrong; any suggestions? thanks.


Hm, maybe you need to update AnyDVD.

Or you could try to use ripit4me with DVDDecrypter.


I used ripit4me and this tutorial

You can use the 1-click mode. Worked for me.


Like Chef stated is your AnyDVD updated to the latest version, Lionsgate and Sony films are now putting in a lot of bogus VTS’s to try and stop copying now :eek:


yes, AnyDVD is updated. I may try Ripit4me.


Had no trouble backing up Casino Royale with dvdfab decrypter and dvd shrink burning with nero. The best part is that they are free programs and have never not been able to back up my movies.
Good Luck


since when has Nero been free :confused:


DVD Shrink must still be the problem. I downloaded and tried to use Ripit4me but then I get error message that DVD Shrink can’t find the file.


Got it! I followed Webslinger’s advice on previous thread using AnyDVD and it worked this time.