HELP! Should I flash my BenQ 1640 BSLB to BSNB?

I have flash my last BenQ 1640 BSLB to BSMB and in the end the drive end up cannot detect CDs but only DVDs.

After that I warranty and chg back a new 1 with BSLB firmware.

My drive do not recognice CDs, is it because of I flash it to BSMB?

Is there any neccessary steps needed during flashing firmware?

Should I flash my 1640 to BSMB? I scare the same problem would arrise and i would need to wait 1 month to warranty and chg a new 1.

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Usually flashing with a new firmware don’t cause problems at all. The only problems can arise if there is an interruption of power during update.

If you wanto to restore previous firmware you can do simply running the BSLB flasher. Try to reflash with BSMB or with latest firmware BSNB. You can flash your drive many times without risks. Many users here have flashed their drives many times to do experiments with different firmwares on the same media.

Hi :slight_smile:
Generally shouldn’t get a problem with official BenQ flashes. However from time to time flashes don’t take fully (could be due to some background pc activity etc). So go ahead & flash to BSNB. If any problems persist, try flashing back to a f/w that doesn’t support SolidBurn etc (BSIB or earlier). Then reflash BSNB. If this doesn’t do the trick, come back with the details of any problems.
For all 1640 f/w go here.
Would like to add I’ve not had any problems with f/w patches from The Dangerous Brothers. :clap: Awaiting the addition of BSNB. :bow:

Yeah… Thx I hv flashed the new 1640 BSLB to BSNB and there is no CD reading problem like the last 1640.

Thx for helping and the advice. It gives me confidence to flash the drive again.

Can someone give some guides on how to flash firmware.

What should aware when flashing a drive?
Do I need to restart or shut down the computer after flashing a drive?
Can I flash the drive more than once before restaring or shut down the computer? Will it cause any harm to the drive, if I do not restart or shut down?

The only thing is avoid a power loss, so avoid to flash a drive during a stormy day :stuck_out_tongue: :bigsmile:

Yes. It’s mandatory because after flashing with a different firmware windows recognize the drive as if it’s different from the previous, and the only way to recognize a “new” hardware is do a restart. Restart can be avoided if you plug your burner on an external box: in this case is sufficient to unplug the drive and replug without a restart.

Yes, but this don’t have sense for me. Why do you want to do this?

No, dont’ damage the drive, but windows don’t recognize the change of firmware and your burnings will be bad.

Does this mean, after i flash my drive, i js need to restart and it is not neccessary to shut down the computer?

More questions:

Wat is the possibility Y after my 1st flashing from BSLB to BSMB, my drive cannot recognise any CD or blank CD but only DVD format. I tried many CDs and it js make a “click sound” several times and stop running.

But during my 1st flashing there is a CD inside my drive, would tat b the reason?

Do I need to remove any Disc inside the drive before flashing the drive?

Hi :slight_smile:
To play safe when flashing have drive empty, tray open. When flash is complete tray should close. Click OK in relevant window & then exit utility. For the process to take fully & Windows to recognise the new f/w id, restarting pc is part of the complete setup.

thx for the guides and advises every1…