Help: Should I change Benq 1650 for 1640?

I bought a 1650 couple of days ago, hoping that it could play both a role of a good reader and of a good burner. What I have experienced is that it burns really good, in my humble opinion, but that it reads dvd/cd’s well but not excellent. Benq refused to read a dvd I burned on a laptop with nec 3500ag, and to tell you the truth, the disc was not burned very well, it has a LOTS of red sectors when I scan it with scandisk in nero speed. The thing is that NEC 3540 read that disc just fine, as just as couple of LG readers. Also Benq refused to read couple of cd’s which had 3-4 such red(bad) blocks, but my trusty Liteon 5237 cd writer read them both with ease. I chose Benq among other dvd-rw’s because of its famous reading capability, apart from being a good burner. But I didn’t quite get that.
So, should I try my luck with Benq 1640 which I can get instead of 1650? Will I get a device that can read even trashy dvd’s and cd’s? Will I experience drop in burn quality?

In my experience, the BenQ 1650/1655 is a sensitive reader --probably due to error correction-- and thus is not the best one for reading bad or slightly scratched disc. This will be the same with BenQ 1640. You can try to read it at lower speed and hopefully will read it fine, as shown in rbtpl posts here testing benq 1650 reading? especially post #2 (16x -problematic curve) and post#5 (lowered at 12x -smooth reading curve).

Welcome to CDFreaks zkln, and don’t switch to 1640. :wink:

I don’t have a 1650 but I do have a 1655, several 1640’s and 1620’s. In my opinion BenQ produces one of the best writers but is only an above average reader - and when it comes to less than perfect disks another drive is needed.

I would keep the BenQ1650 for burning - use it for reading good disks and use a Liteon for reading poor disk and scanning

So what drive should be for best reading defective discs? LG?

Hi everyone:) Thanks for welcome and quick response.

I thought I read in reviews that 1640 is not so sensitive, that it would swallow all kind of media, bad or scratched…Others praise 1640 as “legendary reader” etc. Anyway I really appreciate your help.
P.S. And now also, there is a fear that benq won’t make fw’s so eagerly like they did for 1640, now that there’s this talk about Liteon taking them over…

Well both my 1620 and 1640 read better than my liteon’s (1693s, 166s, 167T, 16p9s) and my Benq 1655. If I had to choose only ONE drive for my entire system I would choose BenQ 1640 (eventhough 1655 may be a little bit better burner).


I have found that my BenQ drives are fine and quicker than my Liteons when reading good disks but old, scratched disks are better with the Liteon. In many cases with really bad disks the only drive that can read the disk is a 1693S

As we are experiencing completely different results I wonder if your expereinces apply to good disks, to bad disks, or to all disks ?

I am talking about bad disks, as most of them should read a good disk anyway. My LiteOn 1693 is the worst drive I have ( compare to my other 7 DVD burners which include 3 BenQ’s, 2 NEC’s, 1 Pioneer, 1 Optorite) it sometimes was not (is shelved now) even able to read its own burned dvd’s ( Including T.Y media) but a good cd writer otherwise.

Last couple discs burned @16x I get problematic scans, with a aprox. 1000-4000 pifs, max pif 8-9. I use mcc 004 and mcc 03rg20, both burning as I said @16x , and fw BCDC…But for last MCC 03RG20 I used Qscan and it told me that burning @16x is not recommended, so I burned @12x which Qscan approved. After that I’ve got a good scan…
Am I just expecting too much when burning at 16x and should I use speeds as Qscan recommends, i.e. 8x or 12x ?
Should I update fw at BCFC or wait until it’s official

Do you know who made those Verbatim discs? CMC, Prodisc or Moser Baer? Check out this thread for details.

CMC discs are recommended for the BenQ DW1650, at least they work the best for me.

D’OH! They were Prodisc, with + in the middle…That would explain a lot. Qscan reports that my mcc 03rg20 meaning dvd-r 16x can be burned at higher speed than those dvd+ discs…sad.