Help, sfmpgdec.dll error with TMPGEnc DVD Author

Hi, I’ve been using TMPGEnc DVD Author for quite a while now. I convert my .mpg files to burn to dvd. I have never recieved any errors until now. I have tried to convert the .mpg files (all 15 of them, each around 300 mbs) 3 times already, and all 3 times I have received the same error saying that that there is an error reading in Module “sfmpgdec.dll”

I have tried uninstalling the program and installing it back in, but the same error occurs, and at the same time during the converting where the previous error occured. I have never received this error before until now. Please help :slight_smile: I have also run anti virus scans and spyware scans just in case.

P.S. on my cheap ass intel celeron 1ghz w/ 720 SDRAM, it takes around 4 hours to convert 10 .mpg files each around 400mbs to be burned to DVD using TEMPGenc DVD Author v1.6.26.73 are there any ways to make the conversion of the .mpg to dvd format so I can burn it on DVD much quicker. I can’t burn the .mpg files as data on my dvd-r because my dvd player wouldn’t play them.

Any Help is great appreciated.


Sounds like a problem with the MPEG files. Use the new beta GSPOT and report the dimensions of the mpg files.

TMPGenc is notoriously slow to encode, check out using either MainConcept MPEG Encoder or DVD2SVCD with CCE (see the tutorial section) as both of these are substantially quicker.

Thank you Chickenman, real appreciate it :slight_smile: