Help setting up DVR108 to burn

Bought my gear 6 months ago and gave up getting it to go. Had another attempt last weekend - still no luck, until I came across this site dedicated to Pioneer DVR’s - unbelievable. Have installed all latest revisions, updates etc.
My 108 can read data, audio, DVD but fails to burn properly all of the above. From DVDXcopy/Nero6, it burns a few seconds of warnings onto the (Sony/Verbatim/TDK) DVD-RW disc.
Have read about setting DMA to on - but this is and external (USB2).
Is this my first problem? Am open to all advice.

Please post a log from Nero and say if the Nero version is bundled to a drive or OEM/retail.

Thanks for replying Chef,
I hope you can persevere with me. Being in OZ time is going to slow things down in replying.
Nero was bundled with DVR.
Haven’t been able to produce a log file as the system freezes after about 30 secs of burning. System and ext. DVR both need rebooting.
Sometimes notice DVR is seen as a CD drive in explorer.
Could the external housing (Nexus) cause a problem?

The first thing is a known but only cosmetical problem. :wink:

The second sentence might be the key here.

Do you know what chipset the external case has and is it connected via USB or Firewire?

I’ve been able to burn anything & everything.
The USB adapter card must be dodgy, and I have the external connected throught the onboard USB (1.1) connection. Although it is slow, it’s faster than the Nonfunctioning USB2. I’ll work on that later.

thanks for your concern.
Born to burn