Help: Serious problems verifying data

So I was happily backing movies up onto dvds with my BENQ1620 when I notice some blocking when I played it back on the tv. Not very much, about 5-6 times in a movie, but 5-6 times too many. I’ve always used TDK DVD+R 8x, media code CMC MAG E01.

Originally I’d been using Nero to burn, but was getting errors, so when I switched to dvd decrypter and received no errors I was quite happy.

But this was clearly not the case, after watching these movies burnt with dvd decrypter and seeing the blocking on screen.

I went back and tried Nero again with this result:


In the end there were about 100 sectors different to the original source.

Is my burner broken, can someone help me troubleshoot this problem!?

Oh yeh, here are the media scans of that dvd.

Well the scans itself is fine & shouldn’t cause any playback problems. Although I don’t like the continual speed drops on the scan. When I scan on my Benq I get a dip at about 0.1gb & then a smooth increase. Not sure what that indicates , maybe on the Benq burner forum they’ll be able to advise on that.

If you play the dvd on your computer is it OK?
How are you backing up the DVD’s? And how does the backup play on the computer before you burn it?

Perhaps you should try a different IDE cable. A poor quality cable might cause data transfer problems like this.

I’ve got 2 other scans with the same media type, neither of them had those crazy speed drops, i’m not sure what happened there…

I too have the drops in speed at 0.1.

are you using microsoft ide drivers or nvidia/via drivers?
is dma enabled? see this guide
also get the latest firmware,i agree with TimC on the ide cable you should give it a shot

I’ve been wondering if my IDE cables are fucked, they’re only like $10 so I think I’ll go buy some to replace my current ones.

DMA is enabled, it looks like microsoft drivers.

10$ for 2 ide cables is fine considering just 1 costs between 4-6.5$ quality is another issue, anyway i suggest youll get cables of one of these companies vantec/thermaltake/coolmax

Ok, I have new cables installed, first thing I did was another burn…

Unfortunately I again got errors, only about 20 this time, but still, I don’t want any.

How do I tell if its my burner playing up? I’ve also checked the ram on my system, ran memtest86+ for 10 hours, which was 24 passes, no errors, so I don’t think thats the problem.

20 is much less then before and maybe it did solved your problem and you just dont know it yet , i found this intresting post

You could try a post burn verification, after ejecting & reloading the DVD. I use Windiff (from MS) or CD Check. Both are free but the latter requires registration.
If this passes then it would support what phil has posted.
If I do not eject after a burn of a +R before doing a scan I will always get a error towards the tail end of the DVD. This is apparantly a known fault/feature/issue with the 1620 & +R media.

Ok, I mounted the image with daemon tools, then put the dvd back into the drive and ran a compare with cdcheck.

I don’t really use cdcheck, but I presume code 62 is probably just like, different, or i dunno, something?

So anyway, as you can see, still 6 errors there…

Is there a better way to do this sort of test, or just do a compare like I just did?

I think you should put the errors aside for now and tell us what you are doing to create these movies. Are you shrinking them or what?

Playback issues like those described rarely have anything to do with data errors, but anything is possible with some players.

The most common cause of picture breakup is over-compression. Nero verification errors can be due to a number of things, most of which have nothing to do with the burned disc.

I say it’s the media. CMC MAG E01 is marginal media at best. Lots of users at WWW.DVDRHELP.COM report mixed results with this media. I had similar problems with ritek g03’s. Seems like the only time they worked ok was when I burned them with my Pioneer A07xl at 4x. They had all kinds of problems when I burned them on NEC or LITE-ON drives.

There’s no reason to suspect either the media or the burn quality, based on the posted scans the discs are good.

i had verification errors like this with my benq. i couldn’t sort it out so i bought a pioneer drive and have no problems at all.

4 pass encodes with CCE…

Its something to do with the burn, as theres a difference between the source (be it an image, or just data backup) and the final copy.

Sounds like it may be the dvd drive, this is going to make me sad :frowning:

I was basing my thoughts on his original post which stated a problem of blocking (artifacting), which the majority of the time is due to bad burns, usually due to media type or quality. But I agree it could be his drive as well.

I seriously doubt this has anything to do with the burner or the media. Verifications often fail and are very unreliable. I think you’re chasing a wild goose. #1 reason for playback picture breakup is over-compression. #2 cause is a player that doesn’t like recordable media, or low-quality burns.

You’ve eliminated burn quality as an issue, although with a player that’s overly picky, very small increases in errors can cause problems. But the problem is still the player in that case. Tightly packed PIF can cause some players to freeze or break up, even at low levels, but again, that’s the player’s problem.

Try your disc in another player. I can’t stress enough that you should forget about the verification thing till you rule out the other variables. It’s really very unreliable. If your disc plays well in other players, there’s your solution.

If files are somehow changed, then the cause could be anywhere. The disc has been shown to be well-burned, so unreadable files is extremely unlikely. Do a transfer rate test if you have doubts. If data is corrupted in the burn process, it’s happening in the system, not the burner.