HELP!? SCSI/IDE command aborted?

cheers guys,

that is what i’ll try next. to be honest i have given up for the time being. when i get round to buying a card ill stick a reply on here and let you know if it works.

Thanks for all the help.


Hi Guys,

Don’t know if you’ll recieve this update, but none the less, ill the post it anyway.

I just, finally, got aound to buying a usb2.0 pcmcia card for my laptop, and guess what, it works!!!

I’ve know backed up everything I wanted to and formatted my computer. it now runs sweet as a whistle!

Cheers for all the help.


for similar problems see my post in hardware(especially external optical drives on laptops).

I had the same error with Nero and NEC 2510A (No issues with I spent 1 week with Nero Tech Support and they did not have any good suggestions other than to reinstall Nero and try it again.

I used ForceASPI/killaspi to remove Adaptec drivers that I had installed before so that Nero would just use Nero ASPI. Once I did that, it worked :).

Frankly, Nero support was disappointing. First they were asking questions about how I got my software and my serial key even though it was right there in the log file. I even offered to send them my BestBuy receipt to satisfy them that I was a genuine retail user. Then came lame suggestions about reinstalling Nero… :a

I continued to receive a SCSI Command Aborted error while attempting to burn DVD’s with Nero. I use a Pioneer DVR-107D. I tried the pskill without success. I was reading where people were using RecordNow Max with success. I purchased the RecordNow! Deluxe and have been burning ever since without one coaster. The software is a little pricey at $69.00 but it was well worth it. I may keep my Nero software installed but doubt if I will use or need it.