Help- scratched discs

Ok, here’s the situation:

I recently imported a dvd online from Italy, which I got my hands on today - I’m about to get playing, but I find the disc has a fairly large-ish sratch (about 1 inch, curved line) on the discs’ playing surface.
The disc is recognised in my drive, but do you think that the scratch will affect playback for definate? I do know that the content fills almost all (4.27GB) of the single-layer that it occupies.
Just want your view on it. I haven’t got to playing it all yet, and I would prefer not to have to ask for a refund at it is would take much time and effort to ship back and forth, etc.


why havnt you tried watching it first?

not time to watch a lot of it :slight_smile:

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Are there any types of software to check discs for full readability?

Not realy, the ones we use for scanning only give an impression on how things are going they aren’t 100%. There is only one way to check for full readability/playability and that is to play it.

Try ripping it to your hard drive.
(That usually finds problem disks.)

Try to do a transfer rate test with cd-dvd speed. The best way, however, is to rip the disc.

Ok, just to update. It seems I will need to send the disc to be replaced, as I have had several problems in playback. Thank you guys for your help anyway!