Help,save me of the wrecking

Hi there, thanks in advance for your helping.
I have a lots of movies burned in DVD.R I bought trough years ago , I stored in spindles (about 25 each and put a silica pill ), but recently played some of them and found the un-readable, fortunately I could recover them.
My question is which is the better way of storage DVD-R burned , in my country the most popular brand is PRINCO ,yes I know , that brand isn’t so reliable but the things are the way were it is.
Some advice,will be welcome.
Thank you in advance and sorry if my english isn’t so clear.

The Best Ways to Store DVDs
By Virginia A. Lutz

"eHow Contributing Writer

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You prepare to watch your favorite movie on DVD. As you prepare to put the DVD into the player, you notice there are some scratches on the surface. You begin to wonder about its manufacture. You know it can be scratched and destroyed. You wonder if you are storing your DVDs properly. A properly kept DVD can be stored either upright or flat. The key is ensuring that the DVD “clicks” onto the button in the center of the case. "

there are many more suggestions

i find when we keep the dvd either in spindle or in plastic cover
in 2 3 yrs the top painted surface peels off or spots appear

i am not sure if the disks still play ok.

but the top of the disk painted surface plays important part in reading the disk??

The top has no importance at all! as data is read off the bottom.

i thought reflection of the laser beam is supported by the top coatings.
thanks for your info, :slight_smile:

To grbyslzr
Your Princo disks deteriorated and caused problems for you. This probably would have happened no matter how you stored the disks, as Princo was never good for long term storage.

All we can tell you is to use better quality disks. Verbatim, Taiyo Yuden and some Sony disks are the most commonly recommended types. Preferences on how you store them varies, even among the members here. Many use hanging sleeves in special cases. Many others recommend the black dvd cases that you see used for commercial dvds, stored in a vertical position.

And to padoor:
Rewritable dvds consist of two layers of polycarbonate with a reflective layer and a dye layer sandwiched between them. The outer top surface of a dvd is not particularly important. This is unlike cds, where you can scratch the top surface and adversely affect the playback.

[QUOTE=padoor;2457618]i thought reflection of the laser beam is supported by the top coatings.
thanks for your info, :)[/QUOTE]

Yes, the reflective layer, I’m referring to the label/silkscreen, a disc can work without that, but it seems the OP is having issues with discs degrading.