HELP! SAFEDISC and benq dw1620

Hello all, i need to know a thing: 1)i read about some problems thath dw1620 has with the safedisc protection.
The question is this: these problems are with reading and burning CD protected with SAFEDISC or are with reading and burning DVDs protected with SAFEDISC?
2)Is SAFEDISC a protection for only CDs?

DVD’s data discs can have safedisc used on them too.

BenQ is a 1 sheep writer meaning it can only backup safedisc 2 old anything over that doesnt work.

One Sheep Writer - SD2OLD(safedisc 2) = Yes

Two Sheep Writer - SD251 (safedisc 2.51) = No

Safedisc Writer - SD290 (safedisc 2.90) = No

Three Sheep Writer SHEEP3 = No