Right this is my story.

I have a Lite-on 24102B CD Recorder. I’ve used Alcohol to burn the sims unleashed with EMF on and off. It works in 3 of my drives out of 6. It doesnt play in my CD Recorder.

This is with CLONECD,DDUMP,NERO,DISCJUGGLER as well!. I know CloneCD is not capable of writing SD2.8 but it still works in 3 drives, but once again not in the burner.

All my settings are correct, in Alcohol(I’ve used the SD2 profiles with EMF on and OFF),Disc Juggler(I applied settings i read in an article on SD2 on this forum) and CloneCD(With AWS on and OFF, and the profiles I found on this board).

Is this my burner causing this? I believe my burner is capable of handling SD2 (Lite-On24102b), just this is driving me crazy.

Why is the backup only working in certain drives and not others? Would a firmware upgrade help this?

I’ve used both the CD Recorder to read AND my cdrom drive to make the image. I’ve tried both combinations, still same story.

Any suggestions/help is appreciated. Thanks!

MY computer stats:
XP Pro
AMD Athlon 1800
Compaq Reader
Lite-on24102b recorder

use alcohol software.

works great for me,

i :bow: for alcohol-soft :smiley:

I have used alcohol, same problem. Doesnt play in the burner, plays in other drives.

Your burner is reading the Atip info off the CD.
Use Hide CDR Media in the CloneCD tray icon.
Click the CloneCD tray icon and click on Hide CDR Media.

It doesnt work in 2 of my cdrom drives either.

Originally posted by wonderwal
It doesnt work in 2 of my cdrom drives either.

are they old cdrom drives?
older models cant read the patrens verry well and give a readerror.
try a firmware update for your cdrom drives.

Hide CDR Media is blanked in my clonecd tray. As i stated the cd works in most drives, not in others. How do i make sure its the CDR Media problem?

I changed my regional settings and now HIDE CDR MEDIA is not greyed.

This is the problem. How do i burn a copy where i wont need to always select hide CDR MEDIA?

you cant burn a copy which will work in cd burner... cd burners read atip information of cd which isnt included on original disk. Of cource if you turn on ‘hide cd-r media’ it will work in your burner, if not it wont work.