Help rquired Win XP, reading CD,s

I have a Duron 800 system
MSI 6340 MB
geforce 2 mx 64mb video
256 ram pc 133
xp home

My system refuses to read SVCDs that are overburned
to about 800 Meg., reads other svcds …

I recieve errors and Power dvd locks up
system see’s the discs. I open the disc in explorer and it see’s
the folders but if I try to do anything with them even
getting properties on the Mpeg file . system spits it

(IO error)

Svcds run fine on other systems

can any one offer usefull advice or assistance:bow:

You didnt tell us your cd drive, but im almost positive thats the problem. when a disc is overburned, the spiral track on the CD is wound tighter, and the drive you have cannot handle that.

CD Burner is MSI Dragonwriter 40/12/48
DVD drive is Pioneer DVD-rom, DVD-116

main headache is I have other SVCD’s that are of similar size
but run fine.

these ones that don’t run, run fine on at least 4 other machines.

but my system as I said does not even like looking at the dammed