Help! Ripping, Stripping and burning!

Ok, first, I’ve read through a bunch of tutorials here and over on doom9.

Here’s what I’d like to be able to do: Take a music video (or porn) DVD and rip out only the chapters (scenes) I want. I’d also like to remove any FBI warnings and I’d also like the ability to flip through chapters on my new DVD.

Here’s what I have and have used:

I used DVD Decrypter to rip only the chapters I want. I then use Nero to burn a video DVD. However, Nero gives me warning that I’m missing files and when I play the DVD, a menu comes on the screen allowing me to select which VOB file to play. I can watch the chapters, but it’s not very elegant. (I burn the VOB and IFO files to my DVD with Nero…no other files are created when ripping with DVD Decrypter).

If I just rip the whole DVD with DVD Decrypter, it plays fine. But, even in that case, I’d like to be able to remove the FBI stuff at the beginning.

I have DVD Decrypter, DVD Shrink, and Nero 6. Is there an easy way to just rip the chapters I want, and burn them to DVD without any FBI warnings? Can I still flip through the chapters at the press of a button? What if I want to take chapters from several DVD’s and burn them all to one disc? What do I do after I rip all the chapters?

Please help. I haven’t yet found a guide that gives complete details for what I want to do.

Shrink will do it all for you in the author mode, select the parts you want to keep from as many discs as you like and back it up to a new DVD. If you want to further edit the VOB, just have Shrink creat one VOB instead of 1GB files.
Be aware that Shrink has a bug that causes AC3 problems when you use the time sliders to select in and out points, so stick to chapter stops for in and out points.

Thanks! That does appear to do just about everything.

So is DVDShrink what most people use when ripping and compiling chapters? Or is there something else more standard?

Thanks again.