Help Ripping DVDs

I’ve been looking through this website, and others, trying to figure out how to rip a DVD onto my computer and save it as a file.

However, the search function on this website is not all too helpful, and the help sites are filled with too much technical jargon for me to figure out what’s going on.

I’ve downloaded probably 5 different programs trying to gain this ability, the ability to archive a DVD onto my computer. Most programs instruct me to download another program. I really, relaly, have no idea what I’m doing.

Can anyone sort of walk me through exactly what I need to do? I’ve visited the nero site, I’ve downloaded and programs, but I have no idea how to use them at all.

Any help provided would be very appreciated

If it’s a newer commercial DVD, RipIt4Me.
If it’s a dye-based burned DVD, DVD Decrypter.

If you then want to compress video content to a smaller, single file such as an .AVI file, then there’s all sorts of tools depending on what file format you want to compress to (.AVI, WMV, MOV, etc.). I like using AutoGK the few times I’ve played around with compressing a DVD to an AVI file that will fit to a CD, but that’s just one of many choices. Here’s one good place to look for a list of programs for compressing DVDs to AVI files for example -

Upon downloading RipIt4Me, It says I need to have DVDDecrypter. Where do I download this?

Edit: Jesus christ, why is it so hard to rip DVD’s?

And to compress commercial DVDs to burn to a normal blank DVD that are actually playable on a DVD Player, you’ll want DVD Shrink - Files such as AVI files are only playable on a a few DVD Players with that specific feature added.

Jesus Christ, it’s actually so easy a monkey could do it. :rolleyes: Some programs just do not have widespread availablity because they have to bypass copyright protections.

I agree it´s pretty easy, but when I started I didn´t know a VOB from my you-know-what. :eek:

Bud…take some time to read the guides suggested here…you´ll eventually sort it out. Maybe ask a buddy with more computer knowledge to help you.

There is one kinda [B]easy way[/B]…but it costs a few bucks (well spent in my opinion). Go to the site and get AnyDvd and CloneDvd2 …they work a treat with EVERYTHING! :iagree:

RipIt4Me is also painlessly easy after installing it. There’s a 1-click mode, that, well, you can probably figure out :stuck_out_tongue: And once it’s done, it automatically loads into DVD Shrink, at which point you can make compression adjustments, or simply tell it to back it up and burn it.

<-- slightly less confused, thanks to all of you

I just ripped my first DVD to computer. Bernstein conducts Mahler Symphonies 1-3. I was giddy with excitement!

I used DVD shrink to check it out, and it seems to have copied fine. I went to check the folder where the DVD was ripped, and I find a whole bunch of VOB files.

Like Mahler, I’ve gone from extreme happiness, to extreme sorrow. If anyone could shed light on what to do with VOB files, that would be awesome.

Hopefully you’ll reply before I search through the stickies and find the answers im looking for.

Those are DVD Data files. What are you trying to do exactly? Are you trying to create a backup copy of the DVD that will play in your DVD player? Or are you trying to create a single, smaller file that is mainly limited to playback on your computer?

I’d like the capability to create backup DVDs, but I dont think it’s necessary, given that the single DVD i just ripped takes up over 7 GB. What can I do do convert that into a smaller file that I could access on my computer, that I could watch in windows media center through my xbox360 on my big TV.

I guess I’m wondering how to convert it into an .avi or divx, or whatever you guys feel is the best free program that would allow me to convert those VOB files into a smaller file size that I can keep on my computer.

I’d keep the files in the big 7GB form, but my disk space is going to get low as I rip my CD’s as .WAV files. I guess that’s a story for another day.

You can use DVD Shrink to compress them to fit a standard ‘4.7GB’ (actually about 4.37GB) Single Layer DVD if you want it to be a standard DVD Video compatible format that will play on standalone players. When you click to backup in DVD Shrink, it will give the option to output to a folder with the VOB and other files, output as an .ISO Image file, or output to DVD Decrypter to be burned immediately to a DVD when the compression is finished. I usually output to an .ISO image file, which is one large file that contains all of the DVD data files within it, then I burn that .ISO file using DVD Decrypter (or another similar freeware program called ImgBurn).

If you want to create a smaller AVI file, for example, you can use a tool such as AutoGk that I mentioned before. And I also provided a link above to other similar programs - some allow more control but are more confusing to figure out, while others are very simple. I’d say AutoGK is pretty simple but allows some control over file size, resolution, etc. Once you get into converting DVDs into other formats, then it can start to get confusing with some of these programs and utilities that are available.

I really appreciate all your help, espcially scoobiedoobie. I’ll take this info and think about exactly what I want to do, and then try it out.

If things don’t work out, you can bet i’ll be back ! lol

thanks again, all