HELP ripping audio from DVD

Need help on how to rip audio from DVD so I can burn it to CD.

There is various ways going about this, I put this together quick. All software used is free.

1] Download SmartRipper :

2] Open SmartRipper and go to “Settings”. Select “File Splitting” and make this “Max File Size”. Under Max File Size, set this number to “9000 MB”

3] Now, go to “Stream Processing” and un-check all the video and subtitle tracks, and leave the Audio track you want to rip, checked. Then, take that Audio track you left selected and use the option to “Save to Seperate File”.

4] When you rip now, it will rip the Audio track you want and save it as a seperate file.

5] When the audio track is finally ripped, you will have Dolby AC3 audio files. You will now have to downmix these into WAV or MP3 files.

6] Download PX3 here - AC3 to Wav converter :

7] Download AC3 Filter. This is the codec for playing AC3 files, and is a must for all computers. :

You can try DVD Audio Extractor which is trial software, a one software solution.

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DVD Audio Extractor is much less complicated for your needs. Doubt you’d want to go thru the other process just to extract the audio… :bigsmile: