HELP Rip STar wars Eps III DVD

HEy wassup guys, what program can i use to rip the star wars eps 3 dvd??? i tried alcohol, but i kept getting all these errors, and 3 hours into it and its still not gone, so i ended it.

Alcohol can’t be used to rip a css encrypted dvd. There are many different apps (including some that are freeware) that can. search the forums and then choose the one that suits you best.

ok so what program do i use??? I tried DVD shrink., didnt work…

AnyDVD/CloneDVD did the trick for me. Original is stored away, kids use the copy.

will any of these programs shrink the dvds too?

Should have. Your disc may be dirty, scatched or otherwise damaged. Alternatively, it may just be a poorly mastered original.

i agree!! used shrink to make copyfor family.used decrypter to make complete copy on dl!!

hmm, ill try it agian, but i got a protection error msg somewhere in the proccess.

Maybe you have not a recent AnyDVD, i tryed it with AnyDVD and newest DVDFab and it works.

iim talking about shrinkdvd!!