HELP!Rip Speed & Nero Speed

Been practiseing Ripping n Burning with "Decryptor, Shrink n Nero…Puting Burn onto a CDR-W first, then if ok onto DVD-R…
So far all has gone Very well…Until Now that is…
Last night i used Nero to burn some Audio Music CDRs, No Probs, went Perfect…In afternoon I burnt a DVD-R at 4x speed…Nero Showed this Speed…Have installed the RIP Lock via Windows, Now Nero is NOT showing the Speed, it is Ghosted out, so can’t Burn…Is the Problem due to the RIP Lock software or is it something else…Have I Nackered my DVD-R/DVD+R by installing this RIP Lock/speed software…Hope NOT…Its only a few days old here…The one i installed is…“Rip Lock release 2500R.106” (I also have “Region Free+RipSpeed Patch V106RPC1” & also “RipSpeed Unlock V106SCAP”)…So, have I installed correct un, if so, why has the Speed vanished from NERO…Thank You…

Sorted the SPEED in Nero…Back to 4x…But am a Bit GUTTED at the moment…Before installing the “Rip Lock Release 2500R.106” i had a DVD speed test up to 10.69…
Now it is peeking at 6 @ 74% then Droping to 4 n lower at about 80%…Does this Rip Lock Work!!! cause it seems to have slowed mine down…Any Work Arounds!!..

What type of disc is this?
Run a Nero DVDSpeed transfer rate test on your disc and post your graph here so we can have a look.

If the disc is dropping down to 4x near the end of the graph, it means that the drive is having trouble reading the disc.

Hi wesociety, This Drop is Very DRAMATIC towards the End…The Nero Speed is done with a Copy DVD-R…This Dramitic Drop n LOTS of Errors as well is only since i done this Stupid “RipSpeed Lock” Patch…RipSpeed Lock Patch was done via Windows…
Movie Plays Perfectly on my DVD Player n My Nieces n Nephews DVD Players respectivly…
I’m sorry I did this Rip Speed now…Not Proficent enough to use Flash Firmware, Won’t anyway, that’s why it was nice to have one done through Windows…
To put an Image here, I take it, I will have to put the Image into my Internet Photo Site, n then transfer here???..Thanks for your help…

Hope this Works, if not we will try again…First un is “Nero CD Speed” Thur-Apr-08…

This un is from DVD Info Speed…
As U can see the Drop at End is Dramatic…But apart from that…Is this about Average or Tops…Thanks…

Add this New Nero CD-DVD Speed to this…Peeked @ 7.80x then Droped, then Errors this time…
One minute I get No Errors then I get errors…To me that suggests the NEC is at fault…Or am I wrong…

Try again …Number 1

No.2…never get the hang of this…lol.
DVDInfo speed…

This un is the New Nero CD/DVD Speed…peeked @ 7.80x then droped dramaticly @ end with ERROR…is it the DVD Movie Copy, the RIP installed through Windows, ie NEC…Baffling me that one minute its done without errors, then next i got errors…
Sorry to be a pest, this DVD is all new to me n I would like to have a Good Running NEC…

Many people are having problems with RitekG04 discs. I’m currently testing alternative write strategies to see if we can improve this :slight_smile:

The transfer rate speeds are dropping near the end of the discs because the drive is having trouble reading the media. But, if all your standalones can play the discs fine (even near the end of the movies) then you don’t have a problem.
Some 2500A drives have poor reading abilities.

classic graph showing burns on poor quality media
that usually has problems reading burns over 4gig.

buy better media…I’ve pointed you at some in the other thread.

OK…THANK YOU wesociety & sarahjh69…It is Good of U both to put me straight on all this…My Bigest Problem is that I don’t know Nowt about DVD n find some of it a little hard to follow…Thanks to you peeps I’m slowly geting there…Perhaps I can Stop being a bit Paranoid now!!
Yes, I have read about the other Media n will be hunting some down in the shops soon…Keep up the GOOD Work…
Have been reading n following what U been doing with the Bittware etc.,for these Burners…gota admit, it leaves me baffled…LOL…again, Keep up the Good Work, Take Care…Have a Good Weekend…

Originally posted by wesociety

Some 2500A drives have poor reading abilities.

I think I have one of those. I took it out of my PC boxed it back up and was ready to return it.

So with that piece of info I just put my lite-on read only back in as slave, with my NEC as master.

I have burned 6 DVD+R disks and no reading problems in my DVD drives. And bitsetting is working fine as well.

I guess I’m keeping it and will just go with ripping with the liteon.

I use a liteon to read to my NEC as well
8x on the fly is no problem with RICOHJPNR01
(buffer underrun protection cuts in about 3 times during a burn)

Originally posted by sarahjh69
I use a liteon to read to my NEC as well
8x on the fly is no problem with RICOHJPNR01
(buffer underrun protection cuts in about 3 times during a burn)

8X on the fly :eek:
Impressive if you can do this repeatedly with good results.
What is the total elapsed time for your on the fly copies from start to end?
Also, what mobo do you have and what is your IDE position configuration for all your drives?

it takes 8.5 - 9.5 mins to copy a full dvdr
on the fly (MSI KT4V-L mobo 2600 AMD + 256 meg ddr)
from my Liteon 165h (ide 1 slave) boot HD as master
to my nec2500a (ide 2 slave) another HD as master
I’ve done about 5 like this since I loaded the beta6 firmware and the kprobe scans are all pretty much the same, I’m amazed how well this works. (I have previously burnt 20 at 6x on the fly with the original firmware 1.06 no underruns at 6x) The kprobe scans
at 8x burnt from HD also look the same.

Unfortunately I cannot burn at 8x on the fly.
My 2nd drive is a LiteOn 411s, which cannot read/rip fast enough…


I’ve been wondering about reliability of 8X on the fly’s… obviously, no transcoding, but DVD-5 copies in under 10 minutes!

I have a similar setup;

A7N8X mobo
Athlon XP 1700
256megs of pc2700 DDR
primary master: WD120gig HDD
primary slave: JLMS XJ-HD166S
secondary master: NEC ND-2500A, herrie’s beta6

oooo… can’t wait. gotta do some testing with this new firmware; maybe i’ll buy a spindle of ricohjpnr01 or something a little cheaper than the TYG01’s that i was looking at… and bitsetting +R media, too… wh00t!

THANKS for the Help Peeps…Appreciated…
All I need now is to find someone who is very Proficiant in doing Flash Firmwares…Cause I aint doing IT!!