Help revert LG WH16NS40 back to FW 1.02 or crossflash

Just ordered one from eBay new egg and hope I get a early drive, price was good at 59.98 shipped. Probably won’t be here till end of next week and we’ll see what I get. On their official web site they are same price but there is a promo code that drops it another 10 bucks till Thursday.

We have modernized the DosFlash V2.0 GUI versions for this purpose and added a program to transfer the calibration data.

More information and program DosFlash V2.0 patched to support BH16NS40/BH16NS55 drives

Any chance you can (partly) translate that to English and post it here @czary2mary1? While Google Translate is good, it’s far from flawless. If you need something to make it happen, don’t hesitate to PM me!

We will try @ Blackened2687 to prepare the English version and the screen with English description in the coming days.

In what department should we publish it? Ultra HD BluRay or LG Burner?



Wow, that was quick! Awesome and much appreciated! :wink:

Thank you very much czary2mary1 for this amazing effort. It worked!

I was able to revert my WH16NS40 to 1.02.

What exactly is the difference between the firmware posted by minaelromany and the other one posted by you?
I ask this question, because the checksum doesn’t match.

The firmware has changed header and deleted \ changed data

OK, thanks.

So, all these modifications have been applied to the firmware files, which are available in your “clean_ns50_compatible_firmwares” pack. I noticed that you also added the firmware version 3.01 for the Asus BW-16D1HT. :slight_smile:
On the other hand, the unlocked firmware version 1.00 of the LG WH16NS58 is not included in this pack, which was originally available in your other LG cross flashing pack.

It would be nice if you could also publish a separate pack with all original (locked) firmware files, which have been dumped by using the Devilsclaw’s LG Renesas Drive Utility (flasher.exe).

One last question: How did you find out about the location of the firmware?

LG WH16NS58 - there is no firmware update of the blocking firmware so there is no need to add this firmware to this topic …

flasher -d [drive id] -l firmware.bin 6 00000000 00200000

As I remember correctly, @cvs gave this location

Will crossflash (eg. TSST firmware on HL) enable error scans on HL?

[quote=“czary2mary, post:51, topic:399700, full:true”]
LG WH16NS58 - there is no firmware update of the blocking firmware so there is no need to add this firmware to this topic …[/quote]

So, downgrading the firmware of the LG WH16NS58 from N1.V2, which has been released on 11 December 2017, to N1.V1 or N1.V0 doesn’t require a clean firmware?

Of course it requires but for many reasons we can not publicly publish the VinPower firmware.

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@DoMiN8ToR Thankfully, using the instructions provided by @czary2mary I was able to flash my drive back to 1.02 and it’s working great. :smiley: Also have an Asus BW-16D1HT that I ordered to try that came with the correct firmware already, so now I have a pair of drives to work with.

@philwashere I currently have both drives in my case, so I didn’t need an external enclosure, but good call on Fry’s being stocked. That’s where I got my Asus from!

I have tried doing this on a fresh Win7 install with all drivers updated but DosFlash shows only blank for the ports. What’s wrong?

Use Dosflash modified version under FreeDos (and USB stick).

Can you clarify this? I run the DosFlash32_BH16NS40.exe from @czary2mary’s zip file, when I’m booted into FreeDos from a USB stick? A USB stick created a la ?

Hello all - Interested in getting UHD reading to work, so picked up an LG WH14NS40 from Newegg, and of course it came with fw 1.03 on it. Tried everything I could find on another site to update, and finally go it to accept 1.02, but… now it won’t read. Put a disc in - doesn’t spin up, just sits there laughing at me.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I’ve read through a few forum threads here, as well as the Polish one, trying to get my drive working, and could use some assistance. There seems to be a lot of information on here with people asking how to do it, but I’m getting a little bit of information overload, not knowing the best direction.

I bought an LG WH14NS40 in March, 2019, arriving with a 1.03 firmware installed. I set up a copy of 32-bit Windows 7 on some old hardware and used DosFlash32 2.0, build 20110903. I pulled down a file of “Clean_NS50_compatible_firmwares” as well as “CLEAN_HL-DT-ST_BD-RE_WH16NS40_1.00_NS50” and “WH16NS40_1.02-A0(ew)” I started out with what seemed to make sense, “flash_HL-DT-ST_BD-RE_WH16NS40_1.02_NS50.bin”, but when a blu-ray or UHD disk is inserted, the drive doesn’t attempt to read the drive at all, just thinks no disk is inserted. I then tried any firmware listed as a 1.02 and a couple 1.00 firmwares, each of them acting the same. If I go back to my original LG 1.03 firmware, the drive will work fine for blu-ray disks, but of course UHD is disabled.

If someone has a 1.02 firmware that is known to work with this drive, or provide me with concise directions for how to proceed, it would be much appreciated.