HelP! Revert Flash! Philips-SCB5265TVX11 acer3620

my drive was playing up so i did a search for firmware upgrade now its worse! :frowning:

i need to know if its possible to revert firmware flash?

if its not possible please direct me to drives that would be compatible as i am not sure if all notebook drives will work?

i have the Acer3620 with Philips-SCB5265T VX11 CDRW-DVD combo. i flashed it with PHILIPS-SCB5265T X11 that didnt work so i also tried PHILIPS-SCB5265-TD17 same thing. if i find another flash i will probably flash it since it will give me hope. i am halted.

the drive will freeze the computer (with inserted disc) and as soon as i eject no more freeze but i have lost my drive and i need to get it back somehow.

what if i flash the BIOS? :frowning: