Help returning my LG GSA-4166b BACK to GWA-4166b

Hey guys,

I am hoping there is someone that can help.

I recently flashed my LG GWA-4166b to be a GSA-4166b with 1.00 firmware. I upgraded it to the 1.01 and then 1.02 firmware.

The drive then began failing every burn I tried. It now has become usless, and doesn’t work.

I want to try and return it back to the original form it was, the GWA-4166b. Unfortunately, the only driver I can find is the one listed on the HP/Compaq site which is version 1:24. When I try to run it, it tells me that my drive is not compatible and won’t switch it back so I can reinstall the original manufacturer’s firmware.

I am left with a drive that won’t work. Can anyone help? Is there firmware out there that can flash this back to be a GWA-4166b?

If not, does anyone have any suggestions at all to solve the burn erroring so it will work as is?

Thanks so much

You’ll find GWA-4164 and GWA-4166 firmwares on the tdb site :

Yeah, that doesn’t work. When I run that GWA 4166b firmware I get the error “Model Mismatch”.

Does anyone know how I can alter or find firmware so that I can flash a GSA-4166b back to how I had it as a GWA-4166b?

Thanks a ton

Get this, so I found another post where someone was able to flash their GSA-4166b to an HP 840b using the 1.01 flash machine and the other files in the 840b firmware.

So, I figured, what do I have to lose… I did it and it seems to have worked, though the installation seemed abrupt and quick. Now Image Burn recognizes my DVD drive as the HP 840b… yet device manager still shows the 4166b.

Unfortunately, same problem. The drive fails when I try and burn.

suggestions at this point?

I got it!

Ok, guys… for anyone else out there who needs this help. Using the flash engine from GSA’s firmware version 1.00 from here you can point to the .bin file for the GWA flash. Once you do that, it WILL then flash your drive back to the GWA version.

Now, lets see if it actually helped me…


My drive is working again. STill have the same problem, it won’t recognize my DVD-R media, but it will now properly burn on +R’s and I’ve had my first successful burn.

Thanks to everyone that helped. I think I’ll just ditch my 200 -R’s and go buy some +R’s and call it a day.


Nice that it works again but it is not nice that you doublepost the same info elsewhere…

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