Help required with video language

Being a Newbie I have been reading the forums with great interest in “video and audio” burning, but have run up against foreign (to me ) words such as vob, ifo, vts, bup and many more, and also processes that are unknown to me. I checked out the Wikki glossary, but it is not very helpful, because I think it is still in the making. The only one I got there was a “vob”. Which indicates a “visual object”, but what does a “visual object” consist of ?? It does not tell me.

So please, can anyone put me in the direction of a site that I can get the explanations that I seek. I have read many articles in the CDfreaks forum but they are usually by experienced guys to experienced guys, and there are no explanations.

Gerrie C. :confused: :confused:

check this place out and look around. you’ll find everything about dvd’s

This is also a good site:

[B]hobo10 and sikoone[/B] ----
Thanks to you both, just what I need. Will enjoy studying them.

Many thanks to you both. :clap: :clap:

Gerrie C.