Help required with CD Protection

Hi all be gentle new to this - I have a CD I have created with a menu on the front end that auto runs - is there anyway of protecting the files on the CD from copying or editing but still allowing the menu to read them

First instinct would be to suggest compressing the files in a file format that is not commonly available (something commercial, not .rar or .ace, or anything similarly simple), then editing the autorun menu to use the core executable of the compression program to decompress on the fly. It is of course needlessly complex, but I don’t know any other way of preventing someone from simply copying the files. The big boys of copy protection-Safedisc, Securom, and the like-are targetted at preventing full CD copies- not individual files.

most copy protections only encrpt the main exe file, so if you have other files on the disk they wont get protected and people will just copy them, however you counld use a freeware prodram like yodas exe cryptor but i think that only stops modifying of the exeand not copying, other than paying several thosands to macrovison for SafeDisk 3 i cant think of a good protection, and even safedisk 3 has been broken. copy protections are useless as they are broken often a few days at most weeks after they are released, i wouldnt bother with them :slight_smile: