Help Required on backing up dual layer DVDs



Hi everybody!

I recently purchased a Lite-on DVD Writer with the Dual layer function. I am looking to back up some of my DVD’s such as Finding Nemo and Shrek because
my kids are absolutely terrible with DVD’s and they always leave them around and dont put them back in the cases and they get scratched!

I was hoping that i could give them the backup copies to use when they have their friends over etc… and i can keep the originals safe in my bedroom.

The place where i bought it from said that it wouldnt be a problem backing them up as it is a Dual Layer burner. I bought 3 blank Dual Layer DVD’s when i got the burner but im not sure how to go about actually making the backups!
The programs i got with the burner are Nero Burning Rom 6 and Power DVD 5.

Thanks in advance for the help!


Welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:

Use DVD Decrypter (freeware) to copy the DVD (ISO mode) to your hard drive and then burn the copy (ISO file) to the blank dual layer DVD.

Btw, how much did you pay for the blank dual layer DVDs and where did you get them?


Hello and thanks for the quick reply!
I will give your suggestion a go.

The blank layer dual layer DVD’s i bought for $11 each Australian (Approx. $7.50 US) They are Verbatim brand. I am in Australia and i got them from a shop in Sydney called MSY.

Thanks again and i will let you know if DVD Decrypter works ok!