Help required for UK based Novice Muppet: LiteOn 5005

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I really am a novice at this. I have recently bought a Liteon 5005 and tried to copy so home video across on to the player, but it keeps saying “copyright protected” etc. I didn’t know Tescos’ blank tapes were!!

Having surfed the web, I see there are things called Firmware, hex editor etc.

Is there a place which gives an overview about all these things and how to disable such things as Macrovision etc?

I confess I am a simpleton when it comes to these things.

Ideally I would like to copy some of the children’s pre-recorded video’s on to DVD and some of mine too! But I can’t even record normal family video etc.

Thanks in anticipation of any help or direction anyone can give me. :confused:

@ ag4stars Welcome :slight_smile: try the General Software Forum and its spinoff forums for your general software and ‘how-to’ questions. If you have specific questions or problems with your Liteon, then this is the place :). Reading Please read: Posting guidelines for this forum linked from the top of this forum may help as well. Please no cross- or double posting :slight_smile: