Help Requested: Mitsumi 52X (FX54++W) Read Speed Problem

Hello, all…

Just found this amazing place. Extremely cool.

I was hoping someone with more knowledge than myself
could help me with a hardware problem. (That population is
rather sizable.)

I have:

AMD Athlon 1600+
512 MB
2 Maxtor IDE HD (Primary Channel)
Mitsumi 480 ATE (Secondary Master)
Mitsumi FX5400W (Secondary Slave)

Running Win XP Home

Got the second Mitsumi basically as a read drive.

When running Nero, the 52X Mitsumi only reads at 4X!!!
ARG! I can’t find anything remotely resembling a recent driver
at Mitsumi’s web site.

Does anyone have a method for speeding up the read on this supposedly fast drive? I just got it today, and the 15 minutes
to burn an Audio CD was considerably longer than I expected.

Or am I just SOL?

Thanks for any help you may be able to provide.


Perhaps your readers Audio extraction speed is 4x - I’m not sure.
I’m pretty sure your writer has fast audio extraction though - try it with that and see what happens.

If you are doing 1:1 copies, try clone cd.