Help requested for notebook memory compatibility



Dear Sirs,

I could sure use your help here please.

I purchased this “barebones” notebook system on ebay, without memory, and would like to add some memory (see Kingston link below) and am wondering about the compatibilty.


Toshiba Tecra 8100 Barebones Laptop
Model PT810U
Part No PT810U-ECC57
Fast Intel Pentium III 850MHz CPU
Large 14 inch LCD (Good LCD)
Windows 2000 COA Sticker
Built in keyboard and easy to use mouse
On board modem
2 PCMCIA slots
VGA connection that allows you to hook up your laptop to a desktop monitor if you like
PS/2 port to plug in a mouse or keyboard
Printer port
Input jacks for Headphones, Microphone
Built in speakers

Not included:

Hard Drive
Hard Drive Caddy
Ram Cover
AC Adapter
Floppy Drive

I would like to know if this Kingston memory would be compatible? The original configuration is PC100, and this memory is PC133. Is it backward compatable? Do you suggest it?


You should be able to contact the tech support and they will be able to tell you.


Just use Corsair memory configurator :slight_smile:

BTW, the Kingston memory you posted looks right to me.


Yikes. I don’t like that the hard drive CADDY and RAM COVER are missing. Sounds like someone stripped this laptop. :frowning: Where are you going to get a new RAM COVER? Will Toshiba sell you one? Hope so.


I had all the missing parts except the memory.

Thanks for the help guys. Much appreciated!


we are planning to buy 1 gb ddr 266/333 memory for toshiba p-25 laptop
if i have to choose between samsung(195$) and kingston (222$)
what will be the better choice?
please someone…