Help Request

sup guys, i have a few questions i’m hoping somebody here can answer for me.

first of all i just bought a benq dw1620a pro drive and 100 8x taiyo yudens dvd-r’s and another 100 52x taiyo yuden cd-r’s and i’m really anxious to start burning.

what i would be burning would most likely be xbox games, ps2 games, svcd movies i downloaded from irc, as well backing up some of my current dvd movies.

what i would like to know is what software would i need to do this, like which is the best for what i’d be doing, and is there anything else i would need like for example to deal with copy protection etc

also which dvd player software do you guys currently reccomend i get?

and last but not least as i’m new to this if possible can somebody point me towards a tutorial or something i can read so i don’t waste my disks

thx guys and sorry for the nub questions but if i dont ask i’ll never learn :wink:

k1ng g30rg3